Heat Crisis: What’s Happening Behind the Headlines – and What’s Next?

This webinar originally took place and was recorded on May 7, 2024. The global south is boiling – and it will only get hotter. Yet key funding and resources rarely reaches the people experiencing the piercing impacts of climate change. How are the people most affected coping? Which response actions work and which fall short? … Continued

Addressing Climate Inequality – LSE

The panel discussion, Addressing Climate Inequality, hosted by the LSE Environment Camp, originally took place and was recorded on May 2, 2024. A central issue with climate change is that those who contribute least to the problem are the most affected. The panel discussion explored new thinking on how to design and finance loss and … Continued

Unlocking Potential: Creating Jobs for the Poorest – PEI

As part of the Spring Meetings, the Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI) hosted the session, “Unlocking Potential: Creating Jobs for the Poorest.” This event originally took place and was recorded on April 16, 2024. Dianne Calvi, CEO & President of Village Enterprise and Gregory Chen, Managing Director of BRAC International’s Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, engaged in … Continued

CGI 2023: Spotlight Session – Stronger Communities, Stronger Economies: How to Prepare Small and Medium Enterprises for Economic Uncertainty

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 90 percent of all businesses globally, 50 percent of GDP, and more than 70 percent of the workforce, but they are most vulnerable during economic crises. They also continue to face considerable limitations due to racial and gender inequities that persist across the ecosystem. With the threat of … Continued

LDC5 Side Event | Flip the Script from Potential to Prosperity

This is a recording of the side event, Flip the Script from Potential to Prosperity: SDG advocacy and campaigning towards the SDG Summit, that took place on March 7, 2023, at The Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5). The multi-stakeholder session discussed the importance of mobilizing action and momentum towards the … Continued

High-Level Thematic Round Table 1: Investing in People in LDCs to leave no-one behind (LDC5)

This is a recording of an event that took place on March 5, 2023 at LDC5 in Doha, Qatar. The high-level thematic round tables will focus on consensus-building to renew and reinvigorate partnerships and mobilize additional international support measures and actions in support of least developed countries to enhance their resilience to multiple shocks and … Continued

The social policy process: Using research-based evidence in poverty elimination policies

The International Growth Centre (IGC), STICERD LSE Department of Economics, and BRAC hosted this session to identify ways to move forward and bring poverty elimination programs to scale in places that are most primed, and where they are most needed. Panelists discuss evidence-based poverty elimination programs and implementing them effectively. Academics will share new evidence … Continued

PEI Open House | Reaching the Poorest and Moving to Scale

This webinar originally took place on February 22, 2023. Economic inclusion’s roots are grounded in approaches that are shown to be effective in reaching people living in extreme poverty. Yet one of the biggest challenges as programs scale up is determining the target groups to be included and how to prioritize those who may need … Continued

Tackling Extreme Poverty and Climate Change Together: Solutions from the Global South

This event was organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and BRAC. The panel shared insights and experiences of different approaches including the Graduation approach, cash transfers and broader adaptive social protection systems, and takeaways on applying these approaches to poverty reduction and climate adaptation. Speakers shared concrete examples, practical insights, and evidence … Continued

Keeping the ‘Leave No One Behind’ Agenda Alive – Brookings

Speakers: John W. McArthur, Alexia Latortue, Scott MacMillan, Amb. Elizabeth Cousens, Homi Kharas While the sustainable development goals and their anchoring promise to “leave no one behind” may feel increasingly out of reach amid the COVID-19 pandemic, rising poverty, food shortages, armed conflict, natural disasters, and other crises, there is still reason for optimism when … Continued