Putting the Furthest Behind First

BRAC UPGI, a global program at the world’s largest NGO in the Global South, empowers people to escape extreme poverty through BRAC’s Graduation approach, a holistic set of interventions designed to address their complex and long-term needs.

The Global Challenge

Today, over 700 million people around the world live in extreme poverty. By the end of 2021, another 50 million people are expected to join them.

While the challenges vary across different contexts, extreme poverty can mean a life without regular meals, education, clean water, healthcare, or a supportive social network. It can mean a life without hope for the future.

Our Plan
The Graduation Approach

We aim to scale a holistic approach* and move 4.6 million households from extreme poverty by 2026.

Our Vision Our Approach
We Believe...

Everyone has a right to dignity, opportunity, and social protection.

We Believe...

People living in extreme poverty are unjustly trapped by circumstances beyond their control and should receive the support needed to uplift their lives.

We Believe...

Social programs and policies should prioritize those with the greatest need while working to extend coverage to everyone.

We Believe...

Active collaboration with governments and local communities is essential to effectively address the challenges and opportunities of each unique context.

Uniquely Positioned to Scale

As the pioneer and largest implementer of a proven approach, BRAC has already reached over 2.1 million households in Bangladesh, empowering 95 percent of participants to “graduate” from extreme poverty. With our track record of success, we are well-positioned to expand our operations and impact.

Our Expertise
Strengthening Government Capacity

We have advised government programs and developed strategies with nine state and national governments in Asia and Africa.

Adapting to Local Contexts

We have developed and implemented site-specific adaptations of our approach in 14 countries, addressing a range of different contexts and unique concerns.

Investing in Learning & Innovation

We spent nearly two decades identifying the most effective ways to adapt and scale our approach, and sharing that knowledge with the wider community.

Expanding Our Team

Our growing cohort of expert advisors is skilled at diagnosing the needs of governments, assessing varying poverty contexts, and implementing decades of operational expertise.

How We Work

BRAC UPGI partners with governments, policymakers, multilaterals, and civil society to expand adoption of our proven approach worldwide and enact local and global policy changes that better serve people living in extreme poverty.

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