Building on Two Decades of Experience

BRAG UPGI advances adaptive, inclusive, and comprehensive programs and policies that serve the needs of people in extreme poverty.

Our team is composed of seasoned experts in program design and implementation, vulnerability and capacity assessments, curriculum and staff training, and policy. We have worked in countries around the world to advance adaptive, inclusive, and comprehensive programs and policies that serve the needs of people in extreme poverty.

There is strong evidence that [BRAC’s Graduation program in Bangladesh] has enabled a large majority of beneficiaries to achieve substantial improvements in their socioeconomic status.
- UK Independent Commission for Aid Impact, 2017
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Our Work

BRAC UPGI works with global, regional, and national partners to promote the adoption and scale-up expansion of the Graduation approach through programs and policies which meet the multidimensional needs of people in extreme poverty.

Maximizing National Impact

We have worked with government partners such as the Philippines, Kenya, Zambia, India, and Pakistan to adapt and integrate our approach into existing government programs and policies and with civil society and local communities to sustain local efforts to eradicate extreme poverty.

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Shaping Global Efforts

Our work with strategic partners around the world ensures global and regional policies and programs focus on the needs of the poorest people.

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Key Activities

We build on BRAC’s extensive experience, insights, and expertise to support our global efforts:

Strengthening Government Capacity

We have advised government programs and strategies with six state and national governments in Asia and Africa. We work with governments to utilize existing resources and integrate our approach into existing poverty reduction programs to better serve the most vulnerable people and help them forge a pathway out of extreme poverty.

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Adapting to Local Contexts

Because extreme poverty looks different for different people in different places, we know one blanket solution will not work. We have adapted the Graduation approach in 14 countries based on detailed assessments of each context’s unique challenges. In collaboration with our government, multilateral, and civil society partners, we tailor our work to meet the needs of communities affected by climate disaster, conflict, and displacement across rural and urban environments. We also adapt our approach for specific populations including women, youth, host communities, and people with disabilities.

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Expanding Our Team

Our growing cohort of expert advisors is skilled at understanding the needs of governments, assessing varying poverty contexts, and applying decades of operational expertise to every stage of the Graduation program design and implementation.

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Investing in Learning & Innovation

We have spent nearly two decades identifying the most effective ways to adapt and scale our approach, and sharing that knowledge with the wider community. We work with our partners to expand upon the robust body of evidence on overcoming extreme poverty, adapting the Graduation approach to varying poverty contexts, and scaling effectively and efficiently through governments. This learning directly informs our policy and program recommendations for global, regional, and national engagement.

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Driving Policy Change

We work with strategic partners at the global, regional, and national level to advance and strengthen poverty alleviation policies to end extreme poverty for the long term.

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