Reaching 4.6 million more households by 2026

BRAC UPGI is a global program within the BRAC network. Alongside a range of partners, we empower people around the world to escape the poverty trap and realize their potential.

About BRAC

BRAC is a leading NGO based in the Global South with a mission to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease, and social injustice. We design proven, scalable solutions that equip people with the support, skills, and confidence they need to lift themselves out of poverty and achieve their potential.


Provides learning on adapting and innovating on Graduation in diverse contexts and supports engagements with key stakeholders. Also the administrative home of BRAC UPGI.

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Coordinates on global advocacy and strategy around Graduation and supports engagements with key stakeholders.

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Supports engagements with partners and key stakeholders.

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BRAC Institute of Governance & Development

Generates evidence and learning on Graduation and its impacts and supports dissemination to improve overall effectiveness.

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Offers technical expertise on scale, operations, learning and innovation of Graduation; coordinates on global advocacy and strategy around Graduation; and supports engagements with key stakeholders.

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Our global team is skilled at understanding the context-specific vulnerabilities of people living in extreme poverty; working with governments and key stakeholders to address their needs; applying decades of knowledge to the design and implementation of Graduation programs; and shaping poverty alleviation policy to better serve people living in extreme poverty.

Meet Our Team


BRAC UPGI works to address extreme poverty with our partners around the world. Our team delivers diverse and transformative career experiences, challenging our team members to deliver a truly credible and measurable impact for the people who face the greatest marginalization.

BRAC staff in the field on a phootshoot in Kenya

We are dedicated to supporting people living in poverty to be agents of change in their own lives.


We bring integrity to our work by being honest, reliable, principled, and fair.


We cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work environment, going beyond basic compliance in order to foster a culture in which the right people are doing the right work with a sense of belonging. We commit to exemplifying these values in the ways we work with our external partners and the impact communities we serve.


We support and promote one another’s well-being as people, not just as employees. We look for opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment, safety, and growth for ourselves and others within and outside of BRAC.

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