Shaping Global Efforts

We work with strategic partners around the world to ensure that global, regional, and national policies and programs focus on the needs of people living in extreme poverty.

The Graduation approach demonstrated that a well-designed program for the poorest people can increase the chances that families can escape from poverty — a safety net can be a trampoline.
- Ruth Levine, PhD — CEO | IDinsight
BRAC and CARE staff during a monitoring visit in Kitui county, Kenya

Influencing Poverty Reduction Agendas

We engage coalitions, raise awareness, and influence the global dialogue surrounding extreme poverty, while advocating for evidence-based interventions like the Graduation approach.

Influencing Policy

We engage with governments and key stakeholders to promote evidence-based policy change and ensure people living in extreme poverty are never left behind.


See How We're Driving Policy Change

Learning & Innovation

We work with partners to contribute to the global Graduation learning agenda and dialogues on evidence-based interventions. We enable and support long-term research and promote key findings to inform national, regional, and global poverty alleviation policies, strategies, and programs.

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