Maximizing National Impact

We work with government partners to adapt and integrate our approach into their existing programs and policies. We also collaborate with civil society and local communities to sustain efforts to eradicate extreme poverty.

The initial results give us the confidence to say that the pilot has succeeded to lay a strong foundation for resilient and sustainable livelihoods.
- Alex Avila, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the Philippines
A Graduation Community Facilitator (GCF) in Negros Occidental province, Philippines works with a program participant and her husband on life-skills and business training.

Supporting Programmatic Efforts

We provide technical assistance to government partners at every stage of program design and implementation and promote interministerial coordination to increase local community and government involvement.

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Influencing Policy

We engage with governments and key stakeholders to promote evidence-based policy change and ensure people living in extreme poverty are never left behind.

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Learning & Innovation

We apply the global body of knowledge around alleviating extreme poverty to existing systems and policies, using an evidence-based approach to adapt to specific local contexts and marginalized communities.

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