Building Climate Resilience for Women in Extreme Poverty: Adaptations and Policy Recommendations from the Government of Tunisia’s Pilot Graduation Program

Climate change, poverty, and gender are inextricably interconnected. As climate change worsens it compounds systemic inequalities and exacerbates poverty, food insecurity, and injustice, especially for women and girls. Governments must adopt an integrated approach to addressing the climate crisis, with an intentional focus on building resilience for women living in poverty. Climate change poses unprecedented … Continued

Tackling Extreme Poverty and Climate Change Together: Solutions from the Global South

This event was organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and BRAC. The panel shared insights and experiences of different approaches including the Graduation approach, cash transfers and broader adaptive social protection systems, and takeaways on applying these approaches to poverty reduction and climate adaptation. Speakers shared concrete examples, practical insights, and evidence … Continued

Adapting the Graduation Approach for Unique Contexts

Enabling people to escape the poverty trap for the long-term requires adaptive approaches that are designed at the local level with their unique contexts in mind. Graduation is one such approach that goes far beyond simply building resilient livelihoods and works to address the multidimensional nature of extreme poverty that is often compounded by circumstances … Continued

What ‘Cash Plus’ Programs Teach Us About Fighting Extreme Poverty – SSIR

By Dr. Imran Matin | Executive Director, BRAC Institute of Governance and Development This article originally appeared in Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) on January 5, 2022. Read it here. The development community has been heavily researching and discussing cash transfers over the past decade, publishing hundreds of studies and scores of articles on their … Continued

COP26: Building Climate Resilience Will Require a Focus on Those Furthest Behind – IPS News

By Julie Kedroske | Acting Director of Technical Assistance, BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative This article originally appeared in Inter Press Service News Agency on October 21, 2021. Read it here. NEW YORK, Oct 21 2021 (IPS) – As the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, approaches (31 October -12 November in Glasgow, … Continued