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Martin Ruzima

Rwanda Senior MEL and Research Analyst

Country Portfolio

Martin is a Senior MEL and Research Analyst for the Rwanda UPGI Program. He has over 10 years of working experience in the sector of research, policy advocacy, influencing and MEL as well as academics. Martin has actively contributed to inter-disciplinary research exploring policies and impact change in Rwanda and is vested with rich expertise in translating research findings into policy recommendations for informed decision-making.

Prior to joining BRAC UPGI, Martin worked with IPAR-Rwanda in various roles related to research, resource mobilization via proposal drafting, M&E, quality assurance, stakeholders mapping and analysis, and data analysis. He has led and implemented different research and M&E related projects including WASH, poverty analysis and social protection, education, household savings, agriculture, the impact of COVID-19 on households and businesses in Rwanda and Community-Based Support Mechanisms funded by UNICEF, FES, GIZ, WFP, FAO, World Bank Group, IDRC and UNDP among others. In addition, Martin has previously worked as an international independent consultant/Researcher and has gained international and regional experience (Germany, India, Senegal, and Uganda among others).

Martin has published various scientific papers, policy briefs, factsheets, advocacy materials, project reports, as a first author in international peer-reviewed journals with recognized publishers including Springer, Taylor and Francis, and Sage among others.  He holds a Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Development Economics, Master’s Degrees in Applied Economics and M.Sc. Information Technology from Annamalai University; M. Com [Finance] from Madurai Kamaraj University; and B.Sc. from the then National University of Rwanda (Current UR).

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