Disability Inclusion Graduation (DIG) in Uganda - Program Overview | BRAC - Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative
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Disability Inclusion Graduation (DIG) in Uganda – Program Overview

By Bobby Irven • October 5, 2021 • 1 minute read

In late 2017 BRAC Uganda, the National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU), and Humanity & Inclusion (HI, formerly Handicap International), with support from BRAC UPGI and BRAC UK, began work to design and implement the Disability Inclusive Graduation (DIG) project in three districts of Uganda. The purpose of this project is to support people living in extreme poverty, with a special focus on those with disabilities, to achieve socio-economic empowerment and resilience and lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Disability inclusion is integrated into project design through a twin track approach of providing personalized support to participants with disabilities while advancing community-based advocacy to address environmental barriers and raise awareness on inclusion.