BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Program in Liberia

In November 2018, BRAC International, with funding from the Dutch Postcode, began the targeting process and launched the Liberia Graduation pilot in March 2019 to provide targeted support to 750 households living in extreme poverty across Kakata and Gbarnga counties and Unification Town (250 households per branch). After two prolonged civil wars and the 2014 … Continued

Graduation Pilot in the Philippines – Overview

Join us for an introduction to the Graduation pilot taking place in the province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines, in partnership with the Asia Development Bank and the Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment.

Youth Graduation Pilot in Uganda

Meet some of the participants of the BRAC International Graduation pilot in Uganda focused on empowering and uplifting youth.

The Power of Hope: PROFIT Financial Graduation

Mary Musyimi saw and opportunity and ran with it. Now she proudly shows us the drastic changes she has made for her family and her future.

Empowering Women in Rural Kenya: PROFIT Financial Graduation

The Samburu region is an impoverished area of northern Kenya fraught with conflict and struggling with crippling poverty. Before the BOMA Project selected Jecinta Lelenguya as a participant of the IFAD-funded PROFIT Financial Graduation program, her family was barely making ends meet.

Graduation Story: Alo Rani

Poverty can be overcome, and the benefits last for generations. Alo Rani (‘light queen’ in Bangla) overcame poverty 18 years ago. Her children and grandchildren continue to shine, generations later. BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation programme has supported more than 2 million households in Bangladesh like Alo Rani’s to overcome poverty. This is her Graduation story. BRAC’s … Continued

Investing in Women and Girls: How Governments Can Drive Inclusive Recovery — World Bank

By Hana Brixi | Manager of the Human Capital Project at the World Bank & Lindsay Coates | Managing Director, BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative This article originally appeared on the World Bank’s blog on December 4, 2020.  Before COVID-19, many countries were making significant gains in human capital, improving health and education outcomes for girls … Continued

No Household Left Behind: Afghanistan Targeting the Ultra Poor Impact Evaluation – World Bank Group

By Guadalupe Bedoya, Aidan Coville, Johannes Haushofer, Mohammad Isaqzadeh, Jeremy Shapiro (2019) Abstract The share of people living in extreme poverty fell from 36 percent in 1990 to 10 percent in 2015 but has continued to increase in many fragile and conflict-affected areas where half of the extreme poor are expected to reside by 2030. … Continued