The Rwandan Government Enhances Coordination Among Key Stakeholders to Support National Graduation Strategy

By Christophe Ndahimana (Rwanda Program Manager), Martin Ruzima (Rwanda Senior MEL and Research Analyst), and Courtney Calardo (Head of Communications) Rwanda’s Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) recently hosted five workshops, one workshop for each province and the City of Kigali, to develop the capacity of district staff in all 30 districts on implementing and expanding the … Continued

How Do We Support the World’s Poorest Countries? | The Development Podcast

Meet the International Development Association (IDA), the arm of the World Bank that helps the world’s poorest countries—75 to be exact. It’s the largest single source of donor funds for basic services in these countries and aims to eliminate extreme poverty. IDA’s most recent replenishment, IDA20, resulted in a historic $93 billion financing package for IDA countries for … Continued

Asian Development Bank Recognizes the Importance of CSOs and Empirically-Proven Interventions in New Report

By Marlowe Popes, Senior Field Manager, BRAC UPGI Philippines | Courtney Calardo, Head of Communications, BRAC UPGI | Rasha Natour, Head of Policy, BRAC UPGI The Asian Development Bank (ADB) plays a pivotal role in addressing the region’s most pressing issues by supporting evidence-backed, holistic programs that drive inclusive growth and enable communities and households … Continued

Social Protection Podcast | Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Active Labour Market Policies |

This podcast was originally published on on April 28, 2023. In the “Quick Wins” segment, Jean Claude Muhire, Rwanda Programme Director for the Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, BRAC, explains how ‘Graduation’ approaches, famous for being implemented in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia, are now being implemented in different contexts such as in Rwanda.

Investing in Those Furthest Behind in Least Developed Countries for Inclusive and Long-Term Growth

BRAC International Executive Director, Shameran Abed, and other members of BRAC leadership participated in the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries to emphasize the importance of investing in those furthest behind and addressing the multifaceted nature of extreme poverty. Governments, development partners, civil society organizations, and private sector partners came together to … Continued

How Governments Can Reach Those Furthest Behind First – Project Syndicate

This article was originally published with Project Syndicate on March 10, 2023.  We are at the halfway point for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (from 2015 to 2030), but we are not halfway to achieving them. In fact, in many critical areas – from poverty to food security – progress has been reversed in recent years, owing to … Continued

Amid Interlocking Crises, Speakers in Round Table Call for Urgent Action to Help Least Developed Countries Face Financing, Education, Social Protection Gaps – United Nations Meeting Coverage

This was originally posted by the United Nations covering the first high-level thematic roundtable at the fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries on March 5, 2023. Read the full article here.  With least developed countries fast approaching tipping points across a range of interlocking crises — including climate change, conflict, and the … Continued

Looking Ahead in 2023: Scaling Beautifully

By Greg Chen | Managing Director, BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative BRAC’s founder, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, liked to say that “small is beautiful, but scale is necessary.” We see this as our twin challenge – to scale at a size that is meaningful on a global level while delivering long-term impact. Recently a colleague nicely … Continued

Graduating Out of Poverty – Can It Be Done? – Poverty Unpacked

By Dr. Keetie Roelen, Research Fellow and Co-Director | Centre for Social Protection This interview was original published on Poverty Unpacked on September 29, 2022. Listen here. Empowering families in poverty to take control and set them on a path towards a better life, this is at the core of so-called ‘graduation’ programmes. By providing … Continued

How Graduation can complement social protection for women in extreme poverty – OECD

By Isabel Whisson, Senior Manager | BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative and Bill Abrams, Senior Advisor | Leadership Collaborative to End Ultra-Poverty This article originally appeared on the OECD Development Matters blog on June 27, 2022. Read it here. Successive crises including COVID-19, climate change, conflicts, and the emerging global food crisis will force 75 to 95 million … Continued