Life in a Heatwave: What It’s Like, and What We Need To Do – The Good Feed

This blog post was originally published on the Good Feed on May 19, 2024. Hundreds of people died across Asia in April and May 2024 as the region sweltered under blistering temperatures. It was so hot that schools had to be closed for millions of children in Bangladesh, along with in the Philippines, the Indian state of Tripura and South … Continued

Opinion: The long shadow of COVID-19 on extreme poverty – Devex

By Shameran Abed | Executive Director, BRAC International This article originally appeared in Devex on October 27, 2020. Today, the world faces a greater challenge than any before as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to undo years of progress in poverty eradication while exacerbating preexisting inequalities and exposing the fragility of our systems. At the beginning … Continued

Opinion: How to find a resilient solution to extreme poverty – Devex

By Emily Coppel | Director of Communications, BRAC USA This article originally appeared in Devex on October 17, 2016. In the last two weeks, the devastation in Haiti from Hurricane Mathew has grown more and more shocking. Families woke up to see their neighborhoods in tatters, and the number of recorded deaths has risen to … Continued