Why multifaceted approaches are critical for eradicating extreme poverty long term – socialprotection.org

By Courtney Calardo, Head of Communications and Max Gollin, Deputy Manager of Communications | BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative This piece was originally published on socialprotection.org on June 22nd, 2022. Read it here. Two recently released studies highlight the importance of taking a multifaceted approach when combating extreme poverty. In both, the researchers provide insight into … Continued

Disability Inclusion Lifts Rural Ugandan Families From Poverty – IPS News

By Wambi Michael, Journalist | Inter Press Service This article originally appeared in Inter Press Service News Agency on June 14, 2022. Read it here. Oyam & Gulu, Uganda , Jun 14 2022 (IPS) – Lawrence Akena was born 32 years ago with microcephaly. Because of his neurological condition, he didn’t go to school or … Continued

What Cultivating Resilience Means for Women Living in Extreme Poverty – Trickle Up

Joint Blog by Trickle Up and BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative Communication team members This article originally appeared on Trickle Up on March 8, 2022. Read it here. As we approach a third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world continues to face unprecedented challenges and deep uncertainty, especially as the issues of conflict and climate … Continued

Report from the Field: A Conversation with Marlowe Popes, Field Manager, Philippines

When Marlowe Popes joined the Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative in 2017 as BRAC Field Manager for the DOLE Graduation pilot, he never imagined he’d be guiding his team and almost two thousand project participants through a pandemic. When one of the world’s longest running lockdowns began in the Philippines due to COVID-19, Marlowe’s team was tasked with … Continued

Empowering Women to Escape Extreme Poverty – UNDP

By Nazia Moqueet | Senior Technical Advisor & Courtney Calardo, Senior Communications Manager | BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative This article originally appeared on UNDP’s blog on March 17, 2020. While both women and men are affected by extreme poverty, women have a considerably harder time escaping poverty, as their rights are not often protected. They … Continued

The ultra-poor: a pioneering technique is helping the hardest to reach – The Guardian

By Scott MacMillan | Director of Learning and Innovation, BRAC USA This article originally appeared in The Guardian on January 12, 2015. How do we reach the people at the bottom of the ladder? They are often the hardest to help, but pioneering work in Bangladesh is achieving genuine progress.