Life in a Heatwave: What It’s Like, and What We Need To Do – The Good Feed

This blog post was originally published on the Good Feed on May 19, 2024. Hundreds of people died across Asia in April and May 2024 as the region sweltered under blistering temperatures. It was so hot that schools had to be closed for millions of children in Bangladesh, along with in the Philippines, the Indian state of Tripura and South … Continued

Donors, amidst the climate crisis, do not take your focus off extreme poverty – The Good Feed

This blog was originally published on BRAC’s site, The Good Feed on April 9, 2024. BRAC runs large-scale development programmes in areas like health, education, microfinance, extreme poverty reduction and humanitarian relief, reaching over 100 million people in some of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries. Our ecological footprint matters. Yet, this question misses the point of … Continued

Policy Recommendations for Building Climate Resilience for the Most Vulnerable During Heatwaves in India

Image (above) credit: Mahila Housing Trust By Boudewijn Weijermars, Technical Advisor; Shweta S. Banerjee, India Country Lead; Ramesh Veluru, India Programme Officer; and Courtney Calardo, Head of Communications, at BRAC International Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative India is not alone in the world in experiencing the effects of the current 1°C global warming. Heatwaves, floods, and droughts … Continued

How the Graduation approach is adapting to a changing climate –

By Palash Kanti Das | Director, Ultra-Poor Graduation Programme, BRAC; Upoma Mahbub | Senior Manager of Advocacy, Ultra-Poor Graduation Programme, BRAC, Courtney Calardo | Head of Communications, Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, BRAC International, Max Gollin | Manager of Policy and Partnerships, Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, BRAC International The article was originally published on on November 28, … Continued

This Evidence-Based Solution Could End Global Poverty, But You Probably Haven’t Heard of It – Triple Pundit

This article was originally published by Triple Pundit on November 1, 2023. As TriplePundit moves forward with our new editorial focus on solutions journalism, we’ve looked back at some of the top solutions proposed to address our most pressing environmental, social and economic challenges a decade ago. Now, we’re looking ahead to learn more about the evidence-based responses that can further … Continued

Opinion: The World Bank’s Evolution is a Chance to Accelerate the End of Extreme Poverty – OECD Development Matters

By Shameran Abed, Executive Director, BRAC International and Joanne Carter, Executive Director, RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund This opinion article was originally published on the OECD Development Matters blog on September 27, 2023.  The World Bank is evolving, but can it widen its mandate without losing focus on ending extreme poverty? Cascading crises that include COVID-19, the Ukraine war, … Continued

Investing in Those Furthest Behind in Least Developed Countries for Inclusive and Long-Term Growth

BRAC International Executive Director, Shameran Abed, and other members of BRAC leadership participated in the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries to emphasize the importance of investing in those furthest behind and addressing the multifaceted nature of extreme poverty. Governments, development partners, civil society organizations, and private sector partners came together to … Continued

20 Years of a Transformative Approach to End Extreme Poverty – Cartier Philanthropy

By Greg Chen | Managing Director, BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative This blog originally appeared on Cartier Philanthropy on May 4, 2022. Read here. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Graduation, pioneered by BRAC in Bangladesh after recognizing that existing poverty alleviation programs were not reaching the people who were poorest or properly meeting their … Continued

OPINION: Will COP27 Still Be Conducting Fire Drills as the World Burns? – Thomson Reuters Foundation

By Asif Saleh | Executive Director, BRAC Bangladesh This article originally appeared in Thomson Reuters Foundation News on February 23, 2022. Read it here. It has been 100 days since COP26 in Glasgow and temperatures continue to peak, fires decimate crops, wildlife and forests, and flooding washes away lives and livelihoods. COP26 was a vitally important global gathering … Continued

OPINION: Why Global South Leadership on Climate Change Adaptation Matters – Thomson Reuters Foundation

By Shameran Abed | Executive Director, BRAC International This article originally appeared in Thomson Reuters Foundation News on November 10, 2021. Read it here. As this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) unfolds, the world is facing coinciding crises. Multiple regions hit their highest-ever recorded surface temperatures this year, tens of millions of people are being displaced by climate-related disasters, thousands … Continued