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Opinion: The World Bank’s Evolution is a Chance to Accelerate the End of Extreme Poverty – OECD Development Matters

Shameran Abed and Joanne Carter •  September 27, 2023 • 1 minute read

By Shameran Abed, Executive Director, BRAC International and Joanne Carter, Executive Director, RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund

This opinion article was originally published on the OECD Development Matters blog on September 27, 2023

The World Bank is evolving, but can it widen its mandate without losing focus on ending extreme poverty?

Cascading crises that include COVID-19, the Ukraine war, rising inflation, and climate extremes are making the fight against poverty ever more complex. Presented with this shifting landscape, we must support the World Bank’s efforts to evolve to better support governments in driving sustainable development.

However, in a world where lack of prioritisation over recent years has already led to a slowing of poverty reduction, the Bank must ensure its evolutions do not result in losing further momentum towards this goal.

As part of a community of practice of NGOs, researchers, and development practitioners closely associated with the Partnership for Economic Inclusion hosted by the World Bank, BRAC and RESULTS are dedicated to reaching Sustainable Development Goal 1 (End Poverty) through scaling holistic, evidence-informed interventions.

Read the full article on the OECD Development Matters blog.

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