What’s the best way to help extremely poor people? After 20 years, the evidence is in. – Vox

By Sigal Samuel, Senior Reporter | Vox Future Perfect This article originally appeared in Vox on June 24, 2022. Read it here. If you want to fight poverty, you probably intuitively feel that the worst-off people are the ones who should be prioritized. As difficult as it is to live on a few bucks a … Continued

In Memoriam: Alison Wright

BRAC’s Statement on the Tragic Passing of Alison Wright BRAC expresses its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of documentary photographer, author, public speaker, educator, and friend of BRAC, Alison Wright. Alison showcased BRAC’s work around the world through her brilliant photography and has documented the people our programs serve in a deeply personal … Continued

Valuing Assets Provided to Low-Income Households in South Sudan

By Reajul Chowdhury, Elliott Collins, Ethan Ligon, Kaivan Munshi (2016) — Abstract Several previous studies have found that the “graduation” or “Transfers to the Ultra-Poor” (TUP) framework is an effective approach to alleviating the constraints that prevent extremely poor households from increasing their productivity. The framework consists of a sizable transfer of productive physical capital, … Continued

Opinion: How to find a resilient solution to extreme poverty – Devex

By Emily Coppel | Director of Communications, BRAC USA This article originally appeared in Devex on October 17, 2016. In the last two weeks, the devastation in Haiti from Hurricane Mathew has grown more and more shocking. Families woke up to see their neighborhoods in tatters, and the number of recorded deaths has risen to … Continued