The Power of Hope: PROFIT Financial Graduation

Mary Musyimi saw and opportunity and ran with it. Now she proudly shows us the drastic changes she has made for her family and her future.

The Graduation Approach: Ending Extreme Poverty in Rural Kenya

In 2017 BRAC began its support of the PROFIT Financial Graduation programme, in partnership with IFAD, CARE and the BOMA Project, in the ASAL regions of Kitui and Samburu Kenya.

Empowering Women in Rural Kenya: PROFIT Financial Graduation

The Samburu region is an impoverished area of northern Kenya fraught with conflict and struggling with crippling poverty. Before the BOMA Project selected Jecinta Lelenguya as a participant of the IFAD-funded PROFIT Financial Graduation program, her family was barely making ends meet.

Empowering Youth in Rural Kenya: PROFIT Financial Graduation

Join Amina Muema as she tell her story of her journey with the PROFIT Financial Graduation program out of extreme poverty, in Kenya’s Kitui region.

COP26: Building Climate Resilience Will Require a Focus on Those Furthest Behind – IPS News

By Julie Kedroske | Acting Director of Technical Assistance, BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative This article originally appeared in Inter Press Service News Agency on October 21, 2021. Read it here. NEW YORK, Oct 21 2021 (IPS) – As the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, approaches (31 October -12 November in Glasgow, … Continued

Climate change is destroying people’s lives. Should they be compensated? – Devex

By Amy Lieberman | U.N. Correspondent, Devex This article originally appeared in Devex on December 21, 2020. Climate change disproportionately impacts the world’s most impoverished. So, experts are asking, why can’t they receive direct compensation and support? …“Most people wouldn’t readily say that they are moving because of climate change. They are looking at the … Continued

Strength in Numbers: PROFIT Financial Graduation

Join Sopina, Emily and Ntetekwa along with their community leader Seyian, as they share their story of group entrepreneurship, courage, and growth in the northern desert region of Samburu, Kenya.