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Announcing BRAC UPGI’s Graduation Approach Survey

 May 11, 2022 • 2 minute read

Addressing extreme poverty globally requires collaborative partnerships across sectors—from local civil society to international multilaterals with governments at the helm. To facilitate those partnerships, BRAC UPGI seeks to ensure that the data, insights, and lessons learned that we share with partners are informative and useful for advancing partners’ efforts to combat extreme poverty.

This survey aims to identify gaps in existing content around Graduation in order to better meet the needs of both our current and future partners. It focuses on what gaps currently exist and what topics are of most interest or priority to readers. There are also a few short questions about your preferred type of content and delivery methods for accessing information about Graduation.

See the survey

The responses collected here will be used internally at BRAC to refine the content we create and share with our audience. High-level takeaways will also be compiled and shared with our audience and included in this blog when ready.

Compiling this data and sharing key results from this survey is intended to enable us to better create and distribute content that facilitates and invigorates global conversations around Graduation and social protection. No personal information included in the survey responses will be shared with a third party.

We deeply value the insights and collaboration of our partners. If you have any ideas for new content or knowledge products you would like to see, we welcome you to reach out via our Contact page or email address.

For more information on BRAC UPGI’s privacy policy, please see our website.

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